Micronesian Ginger with Orchid Petals

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  • The Micronesian Ginger with Purple Orchids consists of ginger petals delicately braided together alongside orchid petals to create a lei that sits flat against the chest and gives of a beautiful fresh fragrance.  

    Leis will arrive at your doorstep fresh in an insulated box or can be picked up in the store.  We guarantee freshness!!!!

  • Lei length is 40" and width is 2" 

    • Leis must be ordered 3 days in advance of shipping.
    • Leis are only shipped UPS overnight
    • Leis are shipped Monday thru Friday
    • No delivery offered on Sundays or Mondays
    • No Saturday Ship-outs
    • Please call us at (619) 246-1494 for expedited shipping


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    Category: Exotic

    Type: Hawaii Exotic

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