The Ohana

Leilanis Leis is a family owned business based in San Diego CA. The business was born from a merger between Motu Hawaii and Leilanis Attic. These 2 businesses were competing retail stores in a small San Diego community. In the spirit of Aloha the 2 families became one company with multiple divisions.


Leilanis Attic,, now handles all the Polynesian retail. The store carries Hawaiian shirts, dresses, snacks, heirloom jewelry, surf wear, and gifts from the islands.


Leilanis Leis,, is the fresh flower lei side of the business. Experienced lei makers hand craft our leis daily. We are the only company in Southern California stocking leis all year long and shipping overnight to anywhere in the US.


Motu Nehenehe,, is the entertainment side of our business. Motu has been around the hula community for the past 20 years and continues to teach our youth the art of storytelling thru Polynesian dance.


Leilanis Café,, is the place to go to kau kau all the ono grindz of Hawaii. Located right next to Leilanis Attic, the café is the perfect pit stop before hitting the store to do your island shopping. The Café offers a wide variety of island cuisine and full service catering for all your special events.


Utilizing all 4 businesses, a guest could have the full service luau with Hawaiian attire, island fare, entertainment, and fresh Hawaiian leis. Although every business is separate we are all one family trying to spread aloha throughout the San Diego community.


Any info about any of the businesses can be found on their specific websites.





Leilanis Leis

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