What is the traditional lei for a Boy’s/Girl’s Graduation?

  • There is no specific traditional lei for a boy or girl. “Typically”, ti leaf leis are worn by males more than females, but that does not mean it is more or less appropriate. We suggest going with preference of the gifter and/or the recipient. If the recipient’s favorite color is blue, get them a blue orchid lei. Another question to ask is what are their school colors? If we can match them, that is a fun route to go. And lastly, there is no limit to how many leis a graduate can wear. 1 Lei can be presented with as much Aloha as 10 leis, and we have had graduates wear as many as 12 leis at once, gifted from several different family members/friends.


What is the difference between a Single Lei and a Double Lei?

  • A Single Lei is made with approximately 50 blooms, where a Double Lei is made with up to 140 blooms. The cost also rises to double in most cases as well.xz


What fragrant flowers do you offer?

  • We offer Plumerias, Tuberose, Roses, Pikake, and Ginger. We do not use Gardenia, Jasmine, or Hibiscus in any of our leis.


Do you make Money Leis?

  • We do not make money leis.


If leis arrive late, how is the customer reimbursed?

  • Please see our refund page on our website.


Can I order leis that are not shown on the website?

  • We are able to MODIFY some of our leis. For example, if you see a Single or Double Orchid lei pictured with 2 orchid colors, but you want 3 or 4 colors, we can add to that lei for an additional charge. Or, if you have a picture of a lei that you found online, or elsewhere, you can email/text it to us and we will let you know if we can make it or something similar 


Do you make leis longer, shorter, or leave open at the end?

  • We can,make most of our leis keiki (child) size for 20% OFF the price online (excluding any leis on the Hawaiian exotic page, or anything with kukui nuts). We can make most of our leis longer as well for an additional fee (excluding any leis on the Hawaiian exotic page, or anything with kukui nut leis).  We can leave any of our leis open ended.


Do you do Custom Leis/Hakus?

  • Yes we do. We please ask you to email or text us a picture of any lei you would like us to make AFTER you have browsed our website. If you see something on the website that is close to it, please just place your order for that to ensure you get your order in and confirmed. We unfortunately cannot make anything and everything, but if we cannot make it, we will suggest something else we can make closely in its place.


What is the cost of shipping my lei?

  • All shipping quotes are dependent on how many leis we are shipping and where they are being shipped. You will be given a total cost of shipping at the end of your online order process BEFORE you are charged. Or we can give you a quote over the phone when placing phone orders.


Do you ship everyday?

  • We do not ship to arrive Sunday or Monday. Please make note of this when planning your leis orders. For example, If your event is on a Monday, we would be able to get it to you on Saturday, having been made on Friday. In this situaton, we would recommend ordering only orchid and/or ti leaf leis as any other flower will not hold up for that time frame being shipped.

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