What does a lei mean at graduation?

Article published at: Feb 13, 2024 Article author: Tyson Camarao
What does a lei mean at graduation? - Leilanis Leis
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When it comes to a high school or college graduation, a lei holds cultural significance and is often used as a symbol of honor, achievement, and celebration. A lei is a traditional Hawaiian garland made of flowers, leaves, shells, feathers, or other materials. It is commonly given as a gift to someone who is graduating to congratulate them on their academic accomplishments and to express best wishes for their future endeavors. The act of presenting a graduation lei during the ceremony is a gesture of respect and recognition. It signifies the culmination of hard work and dedication, and the lei is often worn by the graduate as a symbol of the honor and achievement associated with completing their academic journey. While the tradition of giving graduation leis has strong ties to Hawaiian culture, it has also been adopted in various other parts of the world as a way to celebrate milestones and express congratulations. The lei serves as a colorful and meaningful accessory that adds a touch of festivity to the graduation ceremony.