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Looking for Graduation Leis?

Article published at: Feb 2, 2016 Article author: Tyson Camarao
Looking for Graduation Leis? - Leilanis Leis
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You came to the right place!  We make all kinds of leis.

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San Diego

San Diego is home to many Hawaiian transplants. There are many Hawaiian restaurants scattered through out the city like, Kealani’s in Encinitas and Island Style Cafe in Tierrasanta.

Every year the Pacific Islander Festival Association holds the Pacific Islander Festival at Ski Beach.

There is even a hawaiian themes hotel called the Kona Kai on Shelter Island.

San Diego: History at its Best

San Diego has been rated as the 8th largest city in United States and second of the largest city in California. This city can be found at the southern California near the coast of Pacific Ocean. This city is known with numerous beautiful beaches and history of association with navy. The people called as Kumeyaay have lived in San Diego for an estimated range of 10,000 years and up. The first European who came to visit the city of San Diego California is Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo. He is a Spanish explorer for about 1499 to 1543 that came from the land of San Salvador Navidad of New Spain. The Spanish conquered the bay of San Diego under its own empire.

In 1602 of November, the person with the name of Sebastian Vizcaino search the harbor which can be recognize now as Point Loma and Mission Bay, and named the area under the name of Saint St. Didacus or San Diego of Spanish Catholic. On 1602 of November 12, the first record of religious service in Alta is done by Fray Antonio de la Ascension. This person is an expedition member of Vizcaino. It happened to rejoice the feast day of San Diego. In 1846, San Diego is a destination that marches by the Battalion of Mormon at about 2000 mile and build the first brick courthouse of the city.

At the end of the gold rush in 1848 and American-Mexican war, San Diego has become a newly- established city in 1850. Before the 1st world war happened, the anti-capitalist of the world and Industrial workers create a free fight of speech in this city and made a bad response. The significant presence of U.S Navy began at about 1907 with the Coaling Station of the Navy’s establishment that provide prolonged problem to the town’s establishment. San Diego hosted California and Panama’s Exposition at about 1915 which can be considered as 2 World’s Fairs and the California International Pacific Exposition at about 1935.

At the end of World War 2, the military’s high rank personnel and others participated in an increasing role in the state’s economy. This local economy has also experienced reduce of the economy or downturn because of the cutbacks of aerospace industry and local defense. The leaders of San Diego worked together in order to expand the economy of the city. This city is also the home of giant telecommunications such as Qualcomm.

Nowadays, the city of San Diego has rated by the farmer’s almanac as one of the best climates in United States due to its tropical weather that benefited the surfers. Due to the fact that they have vast beautiful beaches, San Diego has become a tourist spot for surfers and families for swimming and bonding activity. It is also considered as one of the best state that conducts an international trade because of the port located in the border of Mexico and United States. San Diego California is a large and very rich state with full of knowledge in researching new product, inventions and many more.

Wedding Customs

Hawaiian Preists (Kahuna) symbolize the bride and grooms commitment to each other by wrapping their hands with the Maile Lei. In modern times the Maile lei is popular at Weddings, Graduations and Proms.

Different Customs and Types of Wedding

The most awaited moment for couples is the day when they finally get married. To get married, a ceremony is needed to complete this process and this is called wedding. A wedding is a kind of ceremony in which the primary goal is to unite two people.  The customs and tradition differs between religions, countries, culture and ethnic groups.

Customs from Different Religions

  • Christian Customs – this ceremony is being led by a pastor or a priest. A mass is held and a community is present to give blessing and support to the union of two people. All sacraments are based on God.  A Quaker wedding is kind of ceremony under the Christian community in which it is held like a worship meeting.
  • Hindu Customs – this is conducted using the Sanskrit and celebration may last for some days. A Hindu priest called Bramin assembles a Yajna or fire sacrifice as well as the sacred fire called Agni. The bride and groom are seated near the fire, while the Bramin recites mantras. The most essential part of the ceremony is when the groom and bride make 7 circles around the sacred fire and every circle they make represents the matrimonial vow.
  • Muslim Culture – Muslim marriages are announced to the public and should not be a secret.   The couple is both the comforter and protector of each other and thus they are meant for each other. In Islam, forced marriages are forbidden. Marriages should only be done with good intentions.
  • Chinese Culture – tea ceremony is the official ritual in traditional Chinese weddings. In Western wedding, it is equal to exchange of vows. The newlywed introduces themselves to their family on both sides to express appreciation and respect.
  • Jewish – the ceremony is being held under the chuppah or a wedding canopy made from cloth attached to 4 poles. The chuppah symbolizes their new home.   Seven blessing are narrated to bless the couple and their new home. The couple will drink from a wine glass and then the groom will crush the glass using his right foot.


Wedding Types

  • Military – a kind of ceremony held in military chapel. Instead of the traditional wedding dress, the bride or the groom will wear a military uniform.
  • Same- sex – two people with the same gender are married on this ceremony. 
  • Civil – local civil authority such as mayor or judge lead this ceremony.
  • Destination – this is held in setting in which the guests and the couple will travel and stay for some days on a resort or beach like in a vacation.
  • White – this refers to the color of the wedding gown in a Western wedding either semi-formal or traditional formal.
  • Weekend – this ceremony is held over the weekend in which the couple and the guests spends time together doing activities such as golf tournaments and a Sunday brunch for the finale.
  • Double – two couples are being married simultaneously in a single ceremony.
  • Elopement – this kind of ceremony does not invite guests or sometimes just small group of family and friends. In other cases, couples marry without the knowledge of their parents.
  • Mass – several couples are being married in a single ceremony simultaneously.


Remembering Graduation Ceremony

Graduation is an occasion for the students to gain award, degree and many more. It is the rites recognizing their effort, hard-work and for the struggles which will help them survive the real world outside the school campus. This occasion happens annually in every school. It is conducted after students completed all the academic requirements according to the required course curriculum of every school. Graduates, the term for the candidates who will be included in the graduation rites. The term graduation is often called as degree day by numerous people. Graduation can be also called as convocation, invocation and commencement. It is an occasion where celebrants as well as members of the school academics wore a special uniform to recognize their degree earned. Most of the graduates are wearing black long dress also called as academic gown. It is the indication that they are already finished with the student life inside the school.

The student which is a candidate to celebrate this annual occasion will be informed 2 or 1 month before the celebration. But there are some cases that a student might not be included in the graduation ceremony because he/she lacks the necessary requirements to be distinguished as a graduate. There are also circumstances that a student might be included in the graduation rites if he/she already accomplished the necessary documents before the celebration.

After the degree or diploma will be honored to the students, visitors or important personnel will give a speech to acknowledge the graduates’ performance during their past years in the school. These personnel will also impart some insights about the life outside the campus. The speech will serve as the welcome remarks for the students because they will be entering a new world which is very different from the life of a student.

It is a traditional process of graduation for the students to know what will be the life after their celebration ends. They will use cite their experiences about the corporate world as it is the typical topic on graduation speeches. They will encourage the graduates to become a responsible person to help the country. Mostly, the school gets a visitor that will provide a speech from the government or politicians. There is also a large tendency that the school will get a very famous inventor to conduct a speech to encourage the students to become like them.

Aside from the important personnel that will provide insights for the students, the graduates with honors or one of the model students of the school will provide a speech to help their co-graduates to do well in the future. Some speech that came from the honorable graduates will convey a message of farewell. They will warn other graduates about the possibilities and opportunities when they are out on the real world.

Before the end of the graduation, they will walk on the stage to get their diploma. This process will be conducted if all programs are finished accompanied by their parents. They will switch the tie connected to the cap from right to left as a sign of a fully pledged graduate.

On Oahu and the rest of the Hawaiian islands the tradition is to adorn the graduate with many flower leis. Since everyone in attending the graduation brings a lei for a graduate this results in some graduates having so many flower leis that they are piled so high that their faces is covered.

Get to Know Some Facts about Hawaiian Leis

Hawaiian Girl Holding Out a Lei

Once you heard about leis, the first country that comes to your mind is Hawaii. Leis are a Hawaiian term that refers to a wreath or garland. It is mainly consists of leaves, shells, flowers, seeds, feathers, nuts and even bones of several animals. These Hawaiian leis are usually worn by ancient Hawaiian to doll up themselves.

Most Hawaiian natives used distinct flowers in creating leis. The typical examples of these are orchids, lehua blossoms, plumeria and many more. Whatever items used in creating Hawaiian leis, its function and purpose remains the same. Once you visit Hawaii, you will surely be amazed on how they give importance to this garland. However, wearing Hawaiian leis also encloses several rules. Either you are a tourist or not, you need to follow its precise rules. Everyone can wear Hawaiian leis, even if there are no specific occasions. Refusing to wear these leis indicate bad attitude or disrespectful.  If you opted to wear these leis, you have to drape it gently over your shoulders, lynching down in both back and front. In Hawaiian, it is acceptable to purchase or create your own leis.

Hawaiian leis can be worn several times. Fresh leis, on the other hand, can be placed on a cool place to preserve its freshness. These leis can also be used into a wedding ceremony, symbolizing the harmony of the couple, families and friends. If you want to show great appreciation to others, you can simply give them Hawaiian leis as a sign of admiration. In the airport, Hawaiian leis are used as a sign of greeting. If you happen to visit Hawaii, people will meet you in your arriving area. Similar to other countries, Hawaii also celebrates Lei Day during 1st day of May. During this date, the people of Hawaiian are encouraged to wear leis. They usually celebrate this festival with music, hula, contests, exhibits and lei making demonstrations.

Bride Holding a Beautiful Hawaiian Boquet

Flower leis add a beautiful detail any wedding

Wearing Hawaiian leis is widely practiced, particularly in Hawaii. If you want to have Hawaiian leis, the best thing that you can do is to browse your computer. There you can find lots of styles, designs and materials used. Those who opted to have these leis have two options– to buy or to create their own leis. In buying Hawaiian leis, you don’t need to spend a lot of money and time. Whether you are in Hawaii or not, you can instantly have these gorgeous leis. However, if you opted to create lei, you can do it through the use of various flowers or materials. You can be creative as possible to have some perfect Hawaiian leis. Even if you are not an expert, you can firmly create Hawaiian leis because of its simple procedures and steps.

Hawaiian leis are proven valuable not just to the people of Hawaii but to some countries as well. With numerous types and styles of Hawaiian leis, you probably amaze on how to it creates. If you are eager to learn on how to make homemade Hawaiian lei, the best thing that you can do is to read some pertinent resources.

Different Leis Options for Graduates

The symbol of love begins when a lei is given to a person from another person. Usually leis are offered to someone who is just joined the team or leaving. One best suited example comes up from graduates as they once left their school and then joined the new place in order to complete their graduation. The custom is, when the lei-giver try to put on the lei around the neck of the receiver, at the same time the receiver need to bow down his/her head to make the process easy. Sometimes the custom involved finishing with a kiss. Flowers or some form of plant parts (like vines or green leaves) are used to make a beautiful lei. One of the most popular graduation ceremony gifts are leis made by dendrobium orchid. These orchids are frequently used in formation of leis to ensure durability and higher quality. Purple, green and white; these three colors are preferred for orchid leis where purple is the most common. In addition, roses and carnations are also used to make graduation leis. Among other roses, yellow roses are also preferred by girl graduates for their femininity and charming smells. Another great choice for leis is carnations since they have so many color options and therefore matching to the school’s color become easy. All these features above are considered before purchasing flowers for graduates.

Again, there are several types of leis possible. Candy leis, shell leis, origami leis and money leis are some of the popular types of leis. These leis are sometimes cost effective than those traditional floral leis and you can make these by yourself at home. Money leis generally comprise 100$ 1 bills. To make candy leis, hard candies are used to prevent melting during the ceremony. Another kind of leis are origami leis where you can apply different colored papers that follows school colors and also you can give them different shapes to make them look more beautiful and hopefully these leis will last couple of years more than others.

You can employ a flower bouquet as an alternative when you find yourself unable to make enough leis before graduation ceremony. You can purchase either flowers or bouquets that you think graduate would like or you can keep in mind the theme of school’s color while shopping.  Hopefully, you will find vast flowering options during the time of graduation. There are many summer flower options available including lilies, roses, tulips, orchids and many more; just go for the best one you think.

Ohana – A Hawaiian Culture

Ohana is a part of the Hawaiian culture. It means family in extended sense of term, including adoptive, blood related or intentional. It also emphasizes that families are bound together and the members should always cooperate and remember each other. The term is also related with the New Zealand Maori term which is Whanau. Whanau is a Maori Language term or word that means an extended family. In other societies such as the Maori Society, it means political unit. It also has different meanings such as to give birth or to be born.

In the actual culture in Hawaii, this term, Ohana, is strictly used for blood relations. Non-familial groupings also use the Hui. Also, in Hawaiian culture, Ohana begins with the word Okinathat, which indicates a glottal stop. Root word oha refers to the corm or root of the taro plant or kalo (it is the staple staff of life in Hawaii) which Kanaka Maoli considered as their astral ancestor. In the contemporary Hawaiian regulatory and economic practice, an Ohana unit is like a portion of a house or a distinct structure on the similar lot that contains a comparative but which may not be borrowed to the public.

Ohana’s meaning is truly a family. Family is considered as one of the greatest values of each person. A family also gives the basic beliefs, human values and ideals. Family is something who understands and loves you. It can also be the people who care for you. Family also is one of those things that are very important in an individual’s lives. They are the ones who will never leave you in the darkest time of your life. Unfortunately, not all people are blessed of having a family. Many people are still in the orphanage wherein nuns are the ones who are taking care of them.

Ohana or family is composed of parents, siblings and other relatives. Parents always want the best for their children. Parents should always consider whether it’s better for their own children to develop or grow in a small or large family. There are also advantages and disadvantages of having a small or a large family. The disadvantage of having a large family is that parents would find it hard to give financial support for their children and its advantage is there are would be more companion to talk meaning the members of family would not be lonely. On the other hand if you are a part of a small family your parents will not find it hard to give your financial needs and necessities. The weakest point of having a small family is that oftentimes the members of the family are lonely and oftentimes children are growing shy.

Indeed, there is no best size in terms of family because both have disadvantages and advantages. Ohana or family should always be united and have an understanding so that they can easily overcome any problems and struggles that they may face in the near future. It is indeed fun and happy if your family have unity.


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